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Your premier destination for unparalleled location scouting services in the global film, photography, and corporate event sectors. We transcend the conventional boundaries of a mere location archive and are more than just a database.

Here's why we are your one-stop option for your creative needs:

Our extensive partnerships with location agencies worldwide, coupled with proactive location scouting, ensure a diverse and endless range of settings for your project, unlocking a possibilities anywhere on the global. Explore our vast portfolio, from historic landmarks to contemporary gems, providing inspiration and complementing the essence of your production or event.

Going beyond the database, we understand that each project is as unique as the vision behind it. That's why we go beyond the ordinary, offering bespoke location scouting services to meet your specific needs, ensuring your project stands out. If you have a specific mood or brief you are after: we go out there and find it for you.

Our dedicated team ventures into uncharted territories to discover hidden gems that might not be found elsewhere. This commitment to exploration ensures that your project benefits from unique and exclusive settings while keeping your creative vision and logistical requirements in mind.

Backed by experienced production managers, thelocation.agency understands the complexity of the photo, film, and corporate event sectors, guaranteeing a stress-free and efficient experience from concept to completion.

We're more than just a location solution – we're can be your whitelabel production partner. Save time and effort with us as your single point of contact, handling everything from castings and artist bookings to travel arrangements, catering, security, permits, road closures and beyond.

Consider us your trusted ally, streamlining the process and ensuring every detail is meticulously managed.

At thelocation.agency, we don't just find locations; we aim to elevate your projects to new heights. Experience the difference that a dedicated, global, and innovative location scouting agency can make. Let us turn your vision into a breathtaking reality.

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